Tostie Productions is an award-winning, high-definition video production company based in San Diego, CA. The driving ambition of Tostie Productions is to make innovative films and videos that inspire, provoke and entertain their audience.

Check out the demo reel for Kevin Tostado, founder of Tostie Productions.

Tostie Productions produced an Emmy award-winning documentary, Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story, which was a best-selling title on Amazon & iTunes and was the #2 most-streamed title for all of Netflix in the US in early July 2012. The television version of Under the Boardwalk received 4 Regional Emmy awards including Outstanding Achievement in Documentary, Directing, Editing, and Musical Composition/Arrangement! Tostie Productions also helped produce Eternity: The Movie, which was released on VOD and DVD in November 2015.

In addition, Tostie Productions is developing Ankh, an action-adventure with a female lead set in Egypt, and The Affair at Styles, a murder-mystery.

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